The Snowy Mountains Helicopters Fleet

Snowy Mountains Helicopters operates AS350's, Bell 206 JetRangers, Bell 206L LongRangers and Robinson R44s, with every helicopter giving an unparalleled view of the spectacular high country scenery. Each person has their own headset and microphone allowing two way communication with the pilot at all times.

AS350 B3 Squirrel ×3

A favourite amongst pilots and clients the world over, the AS350 B3 is the most capable helicopter in its class for utility work. The powerful B3 is a proven performer in mountainous terrain, and is suited to almost any airborne task.

Fitted with an external cargo swing, the AS350 B3 is able to lift up to 1100kgs, making medium size cargo lifts possible using an economical aircraft.

AS350 BA Squirrel ×2

The AS350 BA Squirrel provides a fast, stable and extremely capable platform for any aerial work or charter requirements.

Easily reconfigurable between passenger and cargo operations, the cabin can be configured for seating up to 5 passengers in comfort, or have the rear seats entirely removed to provide a spacious flat-floor area for easy internal transport of bulky cargo. Also fitted with an external cargo hook, the AS350 BA is capable of lifting up to 750kg externally.

Bell 206L LongRanger ×2

The Bell 206L is a 6 passenger single engine turbine powered helicopter. Built on the strengths of the B206 JetRanger it carries its impressive safety record and an equally impressive amount of available power. Used around the world and Australia, it is a proven workhorse for flying on some of the most technical and challenging tasks helicopters are called up to do.

With its smooth flight characteristics and its rear cabin arranged with 5 seats facing each other, it is a perfect choice for VIP and government charter but also is a very capable utility helicopter able to carry sling loads of up to 600kg.

Bell 206 JetRanger

The Bell 206 JetRanger has proved itself as one of the most versatile and safest helicopters; not only in it's class but over all classes of aircraft. With a single turbine engine and the capacity to carry 4 passengers and a pilot it becomes a very economical solution for multiple tasks.

Heli Surveys have extensive experience operating JetRangers, not only around Australia but particularly within the Alpine region. Our knowledge of the aircraft and its capabilities make Heli Surveys an ideal choice for any charter, utility or survey work around the Alpine and National Park area.

Robinson R44

The Robinson R44 is a four seater piston powered helicopter and is one of the most popular helicopters ever manufactured. The design enables every person in the aircraft to have a window seat and therefore an amazing view of the surroundings. With its fast cruise speed and low cost, this 3 passenger helicopter is ideal for charters and aerial photography work.

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